Disaster Recovery

100% Success Guarantee

We work with your team until you have complete confidence in your DR solution...

ProZglobal offers the most comprehensive disaster recovery solutions available for mainframe disaster recovery. Whether you need tape recovery or disk mirroring we design a custom solution to meet your mainframe platform recovery requirements. Our clients enjoy peace of mind when it comes to their mainframe recovery solution because we have a 100% successful testing track record.  
  • How long can your company survive an outage? - According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, nearly 40% of businesses close within a year of experiencing a disaster.
  • Tired of being locked into a solution that doesn't work? - Whether you are looking for a dedicated or shared solution, we can work with your team to design a solution that meets your business recovery requirements.
  • Looking for a partner with 100% successful tests? - Testing is the key to successful recovery. No more need to send valuable resources to remote locations, our team will IPL the system and hand it over to your operations staff.
ProZglobal offers more than just mainframe system recovery. We provide decades of DR technical and operational expertise to support your continuity requirements. So, whether it’s a test or a real disaster, you can count on the proZglobal team to do whatever it takes to ensure success!

Disaster Recovery Methodology


We understand how critical it is to clearly define the business recovery objectives such as Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), as well as the system configuration details that are in scope.


Some business objectives require disk to disk mirroring, others utilize tape backups as the recovery method. We will customize the solution to meet your needs



Our team will implement a custom design of your disaster recovery solution in one of our secure data centers. We offer dedicated technical resources and project management staff to each solution because our goal is to deliver 100% success.


A plan is only as good as its implementation and that is what makes testing so important.

Disaster Recovery


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