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36 years of custom mainframe solutions.
Our core values are the focus of everything we do. 
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Why choose ProZglobal?

A strong foundation of success delivers confidence. 


ProZglobal allows our clients to focus on their strategic IT initiatives while we focus on the technology that delivers them. proZglobal has become a leading provider of mainframe services by working with our clients as a trusted IT advisor, implementing solutions that deliver confidence, security and productivity. 

Our goal is to give our clients confidence when it comes to their mainframe platform. In addition to our expansive industry experience and proven track record, ProZglobal has the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve performance allowing them to focus on the tactical and strategic goals of the business while we focus on delivering reliable technologies to support those goals.  Our core values have shaped our culture of exceptional service and defined the character of our company. 


Our Services

Custom solutions for your unique IT platform needs...



Custom hosted solutions for the mainframe platform that deliver end-to-end technical and operational support to meet the specific needs of your IT environment.


Disaster Recovery

Experience the most comprehensive disaster recovery services available to the mainframe market. Our clients enjoy peace of mind because of our 100% successful DR testing guarantee!


Remote Management

No more need to wrestle with an outsource service provider that makes you shoe horn your operation into "their way of doing business." We work with our clients to design solutions to complement and enhance your way of doing business. 


Professional Services

We are firm believers that our people are our greatest asset. We provide various levels of support ranging from System Programming, Console Operations, or Console Monitoring to assist with your operations needs.



The mainframe is entrusted with your organization’s most critical data and processes. You rely on its availability and security to keep your business running. Yet, without proper planning, the cost and performance efficiency of the mainframe can cause an inflated total cost of ownership. We specialize in cost reduction through platform optimization.

Honesty | Loyalty | Integrity | Quality

Our Services


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